Campus Mail Services

Campus Mail Services is well equipped to assist with mail-related needs over several points of the process, from securing the best postage rate possible to directing incoming USPS and inter-campus mail. 

Mail routes and facility hours 

The in-house mail team handles the university’s incoming and outgoing mail daily. The mail route cycles twice each day: 

  • Morning: Begins at 9:15 a.m. 
  • Afternoon: Begins at 1:00 p.m. 

The Print and Publications facility is open Monday–Friday, 7:30 a.m.–4:00 p.m., except for campus holidays and other closures. 

Incoming mail 

The university’s in-house mail team handles incoming mail from USPS, as well as mail sent between campus buildings and departments.  

Tracking information 

Incoming USPS parcels and packages have tracking information associated with them. Each parcel recipient receives an email when the package has arrived at the university and will be delivered soon.

When a package arrives in the mail room of the building indicated on the mailing address, the recipient will receive another email confirming the parcel was delivered successfully. 

Missing packages 

Expecting a package from campus mail that you haven’t received? Submit a Missing Package Notice Form to notify mailroom staff. 

Shipping/delivery services 

The university does not handle delivery for packages sent via FedEx, UPS, DHL or Amazon. These mail pieces will be delivered by personnel affiliated with the applicable shipping service. 

For questions 

All questions concerning incoming U.S. Mail or interoffice/intercampus mail should be directed to 882-7801 and ask for the mail room manager. 

Outgoing mail 

Have an idea for a mass mailer, or need a pickup for shipping a parcel? The in-house mail team also handles the university’s outgoing USPS, interoffice/campus mail and pickups for select shipping companies. 

Bulk mail pricing 

Campus Mail will maintain the ability to address and process non-profit mailings. If you choose to use this method, have your external print provider deliver finished print pieces ready to address to Campus Mail at 2800 Maguire for processing. Make sure your piece is mailable before you have it printed. If you have any questions about qualifying for a non-profit mailing contact MU CF Mail Services Bulk Mail at   

Mass mailings that meet a few specific requirements may be eligible for the university’s non-profit postage status, which can save 35–50% in costs compared to mailing first class. In order to secure the non-profit pricing, Campus Mail Services pre-qualifies the mail pieces to ensure every addressed piece is deliverable and meets the necessary requirements.  To qualify for a bulk mailing:  

  • Mailing must contain at least 200 valid pieces.  
  • Addresses must be printed by Campus Mail Services.  
  • Campus Mail Services will check sort order, bundle, and complete postage forms, among other requirements.  

For additional details and questions, please call 573-882-7801.

Sending mail 

All outgoing mail picked up during the afternoon routes, or delivered to the Printing and Publications facility by 3:00 p.m. (Monday–Friday), will be submitted to USPS for delivery the next business day. 

For walk-in mail that is not labelled with a postage barcode, please complete the Walk-In Mail Received Without Barcode Form (PDF) to include with your mailing. 

Mail/parcel pick-up 

Campus Mail Services will pick up and send out mail for campus departments for the following mail/shipping services: 

  • USPS First Class mail 
  • UPS parcels 
  • Intercampus mail (between departments or UM System campuses) 

To make sure outgoing mail is processed effectively, keep the following in mind: 

  • Make sure a return address is present on all mail pieces. 
  • Organize mail so that all envelopes are facing the same way (i.e., easily read without needing to rotate envelopes). 
  • Do not staple envelopes closed as this disqualifies the use of (cheaper) automated postage. 
  • If you have a large mailing(s) for pickup, please notify the office by phone at 882-7801 to arrange for special pickup.  
  • Bundle mail pieces with a rubber band and attach a barcode to the top piece for billing postage (the barcode identifies a department MoCode and PS account for billing purposes). 
  • Need a barcode? Complete a barcode label request form to order. 

Interoffice/intercampus mail 

To ensure prompt and accurate delivery of mail between offices or UM System campuses, remember the following: 

  • Both the mailing address and return address must include the full building name (no abbreviations) and office number. 
  • For mail between campuses, also specify the campus location (UMKC, Missouri S&T or UMSL) in the mailing and return addresses. 
  • Envelopes or packages sent between campuses must also be endorsed with the word “COURIER” on the face of the envelope or package.